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A client of ours recently moved from a self hosted to cloud hosted PBX solution.

We helped in the migration of the new PBX and were still in the process of moving everyone over, when we were informed by the provider, that someone was attempting to make calls to known hacking test numbers. No calls were actually made, but the alarm had been tripped.

Bill Shock

We discovered that an extension had been compromised and was registered to an IP address outside of North America. We were using very strong SIP secrets and doubted that the secret could have been guessed or brute forced in the short time that the PBX was operational. How was this extension compromised?

 After investigating further, we found that one of the employees had connected their phone directly to the internet and not behind their router as recommended. This allowed an unknown person to access the phone's configuration, with all details and passwords via a vulnerability in the phone's web interface.

From this, we can reiterate our advice...

- By default block all inbound traffic to your cloud hosted system

- Only allow specific, known IP addresses to access your system

- Use access control lists in the PBX wherever possible

- Have a system for monitoring and detecting abnormal activity

- Keep all components up-to-date, including phone and PBX firmware


If you have been hacked or are concerned that your system has been compromised, give us a call to help!





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