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Our Portfolio

Some of the products we provide and support

Besides PBX's, we also offer and can obtain a host of ancillary products;


Computer Integration (CTI)

Integrate your email client (Outlook, Google, Thuderbird) and web browser (FireFox, Chrome) with your telephone and provide click-to-call for your contacts or websites that you visit.

An Operator Panel can transform your desktop into an intuitive interface for managing and controlling calls and call flow and is especially useful for reception and front desk employees.


Connecting to the rest of the world....

We can connect your regular telephone lines (PSTN) or PRI to an IP based PBX or convert from traditional networks to SIP trunks. This can be done through the use of analog/digital interface cards or VoIP gateways.

Analog Cards

Connect your Asterisk system with analog lines, phones, fax machines and other gear with solid analog interface cards provided by Digium or Sangoma.

Digital Cards

These super reliable cards from Digium and Sangoma connect Asterisk based communication systems to T1 (PRI) interfaces.

VoIP Gateways

A VoIP Gateway allows you to convert between a legacy telephony connection, such as T1/PRI and a modern VoIP connection using SIP. This is known as "digital gateway" because the voice media is converted between a digital TDM connection and a VoIP connection. The conversion can go from SIP to TDM, TDM to SIP or even SIP to SIP for the purposes of failover or transcoding. An IP Media Gateway can be used to upgrade a legacy business phone system allowing it to use a SIP trunk out to an ITSP. The VoIP gateway acts as a bridge connecting to the legacy system via a PRI interface and connecting to the SIP provider via a network interface. Likewise the VoIP gateway can connect a modern VoIP-only system, for example a virtualized IP PBX, to a PSTN PRI trunk.

Conference Phones

While all of the phones we supply come with a built in speakerphone, for the best call quality and room coverage, we recommend using a dedicated conference/speakerphone. Conference phones are specifically designed to provide superb voice quality, expansive microphone pickup and advanced audio processing to reduce noise and interference. We recommend Polycom conference phones.


For an office environment headsets offer a number of possibilities for improving employee productivity and satisfaction. Corded headsets enable deskbound employees to talk in comfort while freeing up one's hands (no more crooked neck syndrome) and wireless headsets give employees freedom of movement and enables them to remotely monitor calls.

Headsets also provide a more professional call for your customers. They will experience excellent sound quality and reduced background noise for clearer communication.

Paging / Overhead Speakers / Notification / Access Control

We can integrate with your existing analog paging solution by using a paging amplifier or zone controller, or provide a completely IP based paging system using your data network and IP speakers (overhead, wall mount, external).

For noisy environments like factory floors, we have a range of IP based attention-getting and visual alerting devices which can provide notification of important telephone activity such as call ringing, in-use status, message waiting indication and more.






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